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  • Empowered Sensitivity: Maximizing Your Digestive Power As highly sensitive people (HSPs), we're constantly processing information & stimuli, which makes our digestive system, our literal organ of processing, extremely important! Being a highly sensitive person can manifest in many different ways, on physical, mental and/or emotional levels. In this workshop, we'll explore how the different aspects of sensitivity can affect digestion and vice versa. We'll learn easy ways to support optimal digestive health, which can be key for maintaining balance in HSP life, even if you don't experience digestive symptoms. Hosted by Dr. Julia Hipp, ND at Achillea Natural Medicine/Tending Moon Center. June 28, 2018 from 6-7:30pm. Course is limited to 6 people. Cost $25. Email or call (360) 296-9267 to register.

  • Bellingham HSP Support Group: A monthly meet-up for Bellingham-area highly sensitive people. More details coming soon!