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  • Empowered Sensitivity 101: Ever been told you're "too sensitive?" Do you get overwhelmed easily? Feel more aware of your surroundings, other's moods or energies? React more strongly to light, noises, smells, etc? This may make you a highly sensitive person (HSP), which despite being often negatively portrayed, comes with it's benefits and superpowers! Come learn more about what it means to be highly sensitive and ways it may connect to your physical health. We'll also practice tricks to help manage overwhelm and survival tips for being in sensitivity-activating situations. Hosted by Dr. Julia Hipp, ND at Achillea Natural Medicine/Tending Moon Center. May 23, 2018 from 6-7:30pm. Course is limited to 6 people. Cost $25. Email to register.

  • Bellingham HSP Support Group: A monthly meet-up for Bellingham-area highly sensitive people. More details coming soon!